International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association

Hello Edcamp Santiago,

The International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association would love to sponsor your EdCamp!

We can offer you 10 free 1-year memberships to our international organization ($60 value each) that you can raffle off to attendees as door prizes.

We now have over 10, 000 members in our Association!

We are one of the world’s largest networking and discussion sites for higher education! We look forward to welcoming 10 lucky educators to our organization. Once the winners are announced, your free membership will be processed personally by Mr. Patrick Blessinger,
Executive Director of the International HETL Association http://hetl.org

Here are Patrick’s warm words of welcome for the 10 lucky winners:

Patrick Blessinger: “Please designate me as the contact person for the winners of the HETL memberships. There is a membership form that they will need to fill out which is available on our website.

When they submit that form to me I will then take the information they provide and personally add them as members. I will also give them instructions on how to join our LinkedIn discussion group.

I do not mind working directly with each of them on this.

And yes, we sincerely try to make a conscious effort to be a warm, inclusive, and inviting organization that is trying to “humanize” higher education.”

Patrick Blessinger
Executive Director & Editor
International HETL Association


President’s Welcome Message

Dear HETL Members!

Welcome to the HETL Association – a global community of higher education professionals!

We look forward to hearing your voices, to developing a dialogue with you, and to networking and collaborating with you, so that together we can improve teaching and learning in the new era of globalization.

Together, we are making a positive change in our own lives as educators and in the lives of our students, which multiplies our efforts for a brighter future for our planet.

We are committed to doing our best to equip each student in our classrooms to seek a vision and meaning in life, and to utilize all the human capacities – mental, emotional, personal, and social – in their quest to reach their potential.

Teaching and learning is a great art, which has always derived its fruitfulness from the uniqueness and creativity of an individual human being – “that infinitesimal unit on whom a world depends” (C.G.Jung).

We welcome each individual to contribute to the art of teaching and learning by getting involved with HETL. Together, we are making a difference!

Dr. Olga Kovbasyuk
HETL President

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