Over 50.000 teachers and students all over the world are using SymbalooEDU as a Personal Learning Environment tool. Check out the following videos to see how SymbalooEDU is being used in education as a PLE.

Symbaloo Certification Program


For only $10, this course is taken at your own pace and will ensure that you are ready to share the best of the web with your students.

What you will learn:

how to setup a webmix for your class

how to create a Personal Learning Environment for your students

how to improve your designs

how to integrate other webtools, like SchoolTube, Animoto, & Google Docs

Educator Spotlight: Cindy Brock

Meet Cindy Brock, a Technology Coordinator for Presbyterian Day School in Memphis, TN.

We recently caught up with Cindy on Skype to learn more about how she is using SymbalooEDU in her school.

Cindy is lucky enough to have a laptop cart in every class and her school uses Google apps. She was looking for an easier way for her 1st through 3rd graders to access online resources when she stumbled upon Symbaloo while on Twitter.

She has since created a webmix for each subject for grades 1-3 and embedded them into Google Sites, which ends up looking like a custom graphical interface for her youngest students to access with ease.

She then shared the webmixes with her colleagues and then together they introduced it to the students.


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