Meet Dan Brewington: #EdcampSantiago Organizing Committee Member 2013

I Love Chile Publisher Daniel Brewington having breakfast with President Piñera

I Love Chile Publisher Daniel Brewington having breakfast with President Piñera

Old friends are the best of friends. I am thrilled to share with you a story I wrote about Dan Brewington, who runs an excellent newspaper, a weekly, which comes out in English, called, “I Love Chile“. Dan was with us in a double capacity for our last EdCampSantiago, in January, 2012. Now here’s the thrilling part: Every word I wrote about Dan then, is still true today.

Dan is our first sponsor from last year who is also going to be with us again this year.

He is also our first returning #EdCampSantiago Committee member, which serves as a source of continuity and inspiration for all of us. We know there will be more, but as you can see, Dan is first.

Well, let’s get to Dan’s story:


In this story I have the pleasure of introducing you to a very unique and talented individual, Mr. Daniel Brewington. Dan is both a sponsor and a member of the organizing committee of Edcamp Santiago First, however, let’s give you a little bio information.

I Love Chile Publisher Daniel Brewington having breakfast with President Piñera

Daniel Brewington is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of I Love Chile news. Daniel absolutely loves Chile. Living here since 2002, Daniel, his wife and 3 children made Chile their permanent home.

I Love Chile promotes English in Chile and Chile in English. We reinvent traditional media tools in non-traditional ways to reduce the language barriers and connect the Chilean and English-speaking marketplace.

Wow! Dan has taken on quite a tremendous task, because English has a long way to go before use of the language becomes commonplace in Chile. But Dan isn’t one to shrug his shoulders and walk away from a difficult task. He rolls up his sleeves and goes to work.

He’s working on a project with Universidad Mayor “with the aim of strengthening the teaching of English as a second language. The School of Education has completed a cooperation and distribution agreement with the digital media division of I Love Chile.

Through this agreement Universidad Mayor is making tools and resources available to the community and students to tackle the various challenges facing the new global scenario.”

When I first met Dan through the LinkedIn social media platform 2 years ago, I was the outgoing President of TESOL Chile, a professional organization dedicated to the goal of improving the teaching and learning of English in Chile. At the time, I noted his energy and enthusiasm and knew that at some point we would work together on a future project.

Edcamp Santiago 2012 is that future project. Jessica Vazquez, Damian Rivlin, Leslie Lara Bustamante and myself began with only the idea that teachers could collaborate with one another on a peer to peer basis and have a much deeper, more durable, and more significant learning experience.

That’s all we had, just an idea, lots of idealism and optimism, but nothing else.

Through consistent and determined hard work, we built up a credible on-line presence, began to get people to sign up to participate, and even attracted a few sponsors.

When we needed to raise our profile in the local community, it was time to turn to Dan. Dan said, “You can count on I Love Chile. We will sponsor you, and if you can give me a coherent story about Edcamp Santiago, I’ll publish it for you.”

The rest is history.

We have 14 sponsors providing goods and services, raffle items and free give-aways to help make Edcamp Santiago a success. Dan has even promised to make some free sample copies of his print newspaper available. Here’s a look at the latest weekly issue, number 37: I Love Chile Weekly News:

So how do you close a story like this? I think you close by not closing, by leaving the story open. I’ve tried to do justice to the kind of person that Dan is, namely, generous, thoughtful, and willing to help someone else make a big dream come true, without thinking of himself first.

By “big dream” I refer to Edcamp Santiago. It’s a big dream for an idealist like me, and I’m sincerely grateful for all the support Dan has freely, kindly and generously provided. To finish, I’m sure when you meet Dan you will agree with me that he has a “big heart”.

You are appreciated Dan, genuinely appreciated. Thanks for everything.

¡¡Feliz Navidad, Próspero Año y Felicidad!!

The Edcamp Santiago Team

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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