Edcamp Chile: Eloquence by Evita Marley


A long, long time ago, it must be ages and ages, but it was only in October of 2010, so, not really so long ago, I received an invitation to be a keynote speaker at one of the most prestigious English Pedagogy programs in Chile, the Universidad Catolica del Maule (UCM) in Talca, Chile.

I remember clearly speaking about passion that day, of loving what you do, and somehow, doing what you love. That was probably one of my most eloquent moments as a speaker, for the reason that it was me, talking about me. You see, I’ve been a teacher all my life. I would go so far as to say I was born a teacher, with instincts for learning that made academics child’s play for me all my life.

Yes, I admit it, I love to learn, and I have enjoyed sharing what I learned with others all my life. And so on that day at Universidad Catolica del Maule, I was again thoroughly enjoying myself, as I basically told my life story as a learner.

UCM Talca

Sitting in the audience that day was a young English Pedagogy student named Evita Marley, who is now a wonderful teacher of English in her own right. Her students are very lucky to have her for a teacher. She went to England, where she studied at the University of Leeds as part of her undergraduate studies.

Evita is one of my 2,193 friends on Facebook, in itself nothing very unusual. Some people have only 193 friends on Facebook, others have two thousand friends on Facebook. The point I’m getting at is that in such a sea of people, faces and places, what sets Evita is apart is her cheerfulness and use of language that is overwhelmingly positive in her interactions, the things she says to people, and about people, have an undoubtedly positive impact on how people feel about themselves, both as individuals and in a kind of “feed it forward” sense…

Now, I’ve shared this preamble with you, Dear Reader(s) so you can have a point of view from which to either agree with me, or disagree with me, based on what you are about to read next. I have called it simply, “Eloquence, by Evita Marley” in the anticipation that you will enjoy reading it as much as I did. Yes, I’m feeding it forward, passing on the good feeling to you, and you will pass it on to someone else and they will…

You get the idea of Feed it forward. Some people call it, “Pay it Forward. Yes, it’s the same concept by another name…

By the way, Evita Marley will be in Santiago to attend Edcamp Chile, on Saturday, March 9th, 2013. Not only can you read her words here, but you have an opportunity to meet Evita and converse with her about her experiences in the UK, a Chilean far, far away from home, in a strange land, trying to learn as much language and culture as possible in the time-frame of a semester abroad, sponsored by the English Opens Doors Program (PIAP) of the Chilean Ministry of Education.

Even if you go to Edcamp Calbuco or Edcamp Coyhaique you will still have a chance to meet Evita, since we will have a videoconference with Edcamp Columbus, in Ohio, from the USA, a videoconference with the Edcamps in Chile, and a videoconference with the UK, all in the afternoon!

I am certain you will find it a rewarding experience to meet her and learn from Evita, and others like her, at Edcamp Santiago…


Eloquence by Evita Marley


“Sometimes, when I don’t find the words to describe something, a situation, or a feeling, music does it for me. It takes me back to treasured moments, to people I´ve met, to magical places. Music makes me travel to unknown places, it really blows my mind.

It does not matter the style, it’s about the related memories, mood… wishes! Music unites people, separates them, refreshes memories, makes people laugh and sometimes cry.

Music is, for me, the most precious work of art in the world, more than books and poems, movies and theater: I don’t have to make any effort to understand, interpret, I just feel and fly away….

I love closing my eyes and imagine myself flying through an infinite stave and colors of guitar chords and piano notes. Music keeps me alive, it’s a solitary friend who speaks to me when I need a word.

I cannot imagine my life without music!!”


About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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